How to Organize the best Fantasy Football League

Organizing the best Fantasy Football League:

  1. Live Draft- Try and do a live draft but if you should draft online, that doesn’t mean everyone stays home. People can still get together and have a draft in person with as many people as possible. Get a draft board and still have people put up their draft picks.  You have the ability to talk and discuss the draft afterwards and into the morning hours!
  2. Communicate with your league members. Just simple dialogue about players on their team and players on your team will make it more fun.  This also can potentially bring up trade talks.  Sometimes persistence is all it takes to get a manager to talk trades.  Make a hypothetical offer to get the conversation started.
  3. Keep track of Trades. At the end of the year, you can review all the trades and announce the trade winners and losers.  My leagues, gives out an award for the best and worst trade outcomes!
  4. Reward the top seeds in the playoffs. There is nothing worse that being the #1 seed only to lose in the first round.  I recommend having 6 teams make the playoffs, and give the top two seeds a bye in the first round.  I know most leagues have been standard with only four teams making the playoffs, but there’s generally not much of a difference between the fourth, fifth, and sixth place teams.  Also, we’ve all seen it where the 5th and 6th seeds had more overall points than the 4th seed, but because of scheduling difference, the 4th seed had a better record.  Nothing worse than knowing you had a better team, only to be left out.
  5. Reward the Champion – Get a trophy, create a wall plaque….do something to commemorate the Champion and you will elevate the league to new heights.
  6. Create a record book – This works great for redraft, keeper and dynasty leagues. Reward managers for sticking it out and give them something to continue to play for.  A few years back, I got hit with the injury bug and limped into 9th  I had nothing to play for during the 2nd half of the season.  However, because I publish a record book each year, I knew that regardless of how this year finished, I still wanted to score as points and move up the career ladder in each of the stat categories. Remember all of the pictures that get taken during the season and off-season can be added.  Sort of like a fantasy football yearbook.
  7. Hold a Championship Ceremony Party – This goes hand in hand with rewarding the champion. Every year we get together the night before the super bowl and I hand out the awards.  I hand out the trophy, I review the new records and stats….and I take lots of pictures to put in the next record book!
  8. Go on a trophy tour! Each Champion gets to go on a tour with the trophy.  Throughout the year see what cool and exciting places you can get to with your trophy.  Remember to text pictures to your friends and rub it in!
  9. If you do have a keeper or Dynasty league – Allow for trades of players and future year draft picks in the off-season. You’d be surprised how much the conversation continues about players for months during the off season.  Also, this allows for you to get great value on a player depending the time of year a trade occurs.  In my main league, we are allowed to keep three players and they are our first three picks in the draft. The remaining people on our team can be traded up until we select our keepers.  A couple weeks after the super bowl, Michael Thomas was traded for a 10th round pick….a few days after that and Brandon Cooks was traded to the Patriots and Thomas’s value instantly increased.
  10. Honor the last place team- Well honor might be a stretch, but certainly recognize the achievement. Many leagues, will make the last place manager perform an embarrassing act.  Regardless of what happens to the last place team or if you just have a trophy for them.  Make sure you acknowledge the failure that was their team.  It’s another reason to get the league together during the off-season.

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