Fantasy Football: Week 8 Waiver Wire

Fantasy Football: Week 8 Waiver Wire

Another wild week in the National Football League.  Something we have all become too familiar with; a season ending injury.  Carson Palmer; breaks his arm and may miss the rest of the season.  Lets hope week 8, we don’t have another season ending injury to review.

As the season progresses, waiver wire options are beginning to look pretty thin.  It is getting tougher to find real gems this time of year.  From what I have seen, most teams are in need of a bye week fill in and/or a last flex spot.  These recommendations will not be a huge break out player, but they will make the difference in getting you that extra 4 to 7 points in a given week.

  1. Ted Ginn Jr. (52%) –  3 of last 4 games, Ted Ginn jr. has reached double digit points in ppr formats. As long as Willie Snead continues to miss time, Ginn is going to be the #2 in the passing game.  Drew Brees and the Saints are not passing as much as they have in prior years, but New Orleans ranks 4th in yards per game; 3rd in passing yards and 9th in rushing yards.  This offense is producing at a high level and Ginn can help shore up the last flex spot of your roster.
  2. Mohammed Sanu (38%) – 4 of 5 games played has reached double digit points.  The Falcons offense is a mess right now, but Sanu has been adequate as a flex player to cover bye weeks.  If you are in need of a big game guy, then Sanu isn’t your option but at this point, there aren’t any of those on waivers anyway.  Sanu has a solid chance to get double digits each week, and that could prove to be the difference maker.
  3. Dion Lewis (30%)- Steadily between 9.22 and 11.88 points, last four weeks.  Carry totals have increased over the last four weeks; 4, 7, 11, 13 and the last three weeks rushing yards is trending upward from 53, 52, and then 76 yards against the Falcons.  We all know it’s hard to trust a Patriots RB, but we have seen a solid trend over at least the last three weeks.
  4. Kenny Stills (23%) – At least 9 points in 4 of 6 games.  A touchdown in 3 of 6 games and 4 total.  Stills is the beneficiary of Davante Parker missing time.  But this could be a case where the backup QB (Matt Moore) and the WR further down the depth chart have built up a rapport together.  I’m weary of the schedule for the Dolphins the rest of the year, but as long as Parker is out, Stills can produce.
  5. Marlon Mack (41%) – He hasn’t had a big game yet, but he is getting an increased volume in play time as the season is progressing.  This last week, he played more snaps than Frank Gore; 32 to 22.  Mack is the colts big play guy out of the backfield, and as the Colts continue to play from behind, I expect the Colts to continue to see more of what Mack is capable of.

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