The Hall Fantasy Football Career

The Hall Fantasy Football career mode is designed as a career path to achieve the ultimate status, by being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Members can have multiple teams, and each team has it’s own ability to achieve points that will accumulate towards the members overall point total for status achievement.

Members will play in 10-team format, and can only have 1 team in each 10-team league.  The score settings and roster positions will be the same for each league.  They are as follows:

Score Settings                                                                                             Roster Positions 

Full Point PPR and 6 pt QB                                                                                                         QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE, Flex(RB,WR,TE), DEF, Kick

Check the league settings on your league platform website for more info.                          6 Bench Spots and 1 Injured Reserved  

Start your career and become a member!

Your membership ranking is based on total Legacy points earned:  Here are the Point values for each achievement: 

                                                                 Regular Season                           Playoffs                       Championship

Most pts in a Game -single season –         25 pts****                                  n/a                                    n/a

Most points in a Game -All Time  –            50 pts                                           25 pts                              25 pts**

Most Points in a Season – single season  50 pts                                          n/a                                    n/a

Most Points in a Season – All Time –          75 pts                                          n/a                                     n/a

Weekly Win –                                                    3 pts                                            10 pts*                      *See Below*

Regular Season Standings                Playoff Standings:                 Bonus:  Multiple Championships won

1st- 50 pts                                                 1st- 150 pts                           2nd Championship = 250 pts

2nd- 40 pts                                                2nd- 50 pts                           3rd Championship = 500 pts

3rd- 30 pts                                                 3rd- 25 pts                            4th Championship – 1000 pts

4th- 20 pts                                                                                                Overall Champion – 100 pts***

5th- 10 pts

6th- 5 pts

7th-  0 pts

8th- -25 pts

9th- -50 pts

10th-  -100 pts

*Winners Bracket Only

** IF you set the record for a Championship game points total it also counts toward the playoff single game record.  Eligible to earn 25 points for Playoffs and 25 points for Championship.

***Overall Champion is determined by taking the individual champion of each league and the highest point total for that year is the Overall Championship for the season.

**** Single Game Points Leader for each individual season will be added to managers total points at end of regular season.