The Hall Fantasy Football Leagues

The Hall Fantasy Football Leagues are designed as a career path to achieve the ultimate status, by being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Members can have multiple teams, and each team has it’s own ability to progress through the ranks.  While only one member can be inducted into the Hall of Fame, they may have multiple teams in play to help achieve the status.  The number of teams, combined with the progress of each team, will be used to determine the Ranking for each member of THE HALL.

Members will play in 10-team format, and can only have 1 team in each 10-team league.  The score settings and roster positions will be the same for each league, regardless of the level of the league.  They are as follows:

Score Settings                                                                                             Roster Positions 

Full Point PPR and 6 pt QB                                                                                                         QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE, Flex(RB,WR,TE), DEF, Kick

Check the league settings on your league platform website for more info.                          6 Bench Spots and 1 Injured Reserved  

Your Teams progress can be viewed from the homepage, by clicking on the LEAGUES drop down menu.  

Start your career!

There are four leagues along the career path….ROOKIE, VETERAN, CHAMPIONS, and HALL OF FAME.

ROOKIE – all new members will be automatically placed in the Rookie League.  Member who do                                   not have a top 5 finish will remain in the Rookie league for the following year.

VETERAN – a members team will progress to the Veteran league once they have a top 5 finishing place in                     a rookie league.

CHAMPIONS –  a members team will progress to the Champions league once that team has either a                                     Championship from a Rookie league or a Veteran League.

INDUCTION INTO THE HALL OF FAME -a member  will be inducted into the Hall of                              Fame, once their team has won a championship from the Hall of Fame league.

Compete to earn your way into the Hall of Fame!